Disabled Woman receives support from Dr. Godfred Jasaw

In a heartfelt gesture aimed at transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities, Dr Seidu Jasaw, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Wa East Constituency, has donated a wheelchair and a sewing machine to a physically challenged lady who is an apprentice in tailoring in Hanbagnikole, a village in the Wa East District.

In brief a remark during the presentation, the MP narrated that, he was touched by the girl’s situation in a news story published by Radio Progress’s Prince Kaatori. Having touched by the pathetic news story about how the physically challenged lady crawls to and fro to work, he mobilized resources together and procured the sawing machine and the wheelchair to support her.

According to Dr Jasaw, he was also moved by the determination of the girl to learn a trade regardless of her physical situation.

Dr Jasaw emphasized the importance of inclusiveness and equal opportunities for all community members, regardless of their physical abilities.

He stated, “It is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone, including persons with disabilities, have access to the necessary resources and opportunities”.

The benevolent act, which took place at the community on Friday 11th August 2023, has left a lasting impact on the village with the beneficiary’s mother expressing immense gratitude for the life-changing gift.

The recipient, Miss Bapiile Zuu had faced countless challenges due to limited mobility. The lack of a wheelchair had greatly hindered her ability to access essential resources and engage in daily activities. Dr Jasaw’s generous donation will not only enhance her mobility but also provide her a newfound sense of independence and freedom.

Alongside the wheelchair, the MP also presented a sewing machine to the disabled individual, recognizing the transformative power of acquiring practical skills. This gift according to the MP aims at empowering the recipient with a means of livelihood, enabling her to support herself, regardless of her physical limitations. The sewing machine represents an opportunity for vocational training, self-reliance, and economic stability.

This donation to the disabled resident of Hanbagnikole community is just one of many initiatives undertaken by Dr Seidu Jasaw in his unwavering commitment to uplifting the Wa East Constituency.

Source: Chaggu Naa Bawa

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