fulaniFarmers in  Wa East District of upper  west Region have complained bitterly of cattle farmers destroying their farm produce. This happens when cattle are allowed to graze on farms lands of people thereby destroying their cultivation.

They have complained to their chiefs and elders about the issue and the responds they had was that, the cattle farmers paid more tithes than them. This raised the anger of the farmers for the reason being that, the leaders are being contemptuous on them; they (food farmers) said they arrived before the cattle farmers and therefore deserve some respect. They claimed these fulani’s are from nearby Burkina Faso and Mali and move with not less than 500 cattle per mile.

Crop Farmers also said their leaders; especially the police are being bribed to pass judgment in favor of cattle farmers.

They said if nothing is done they will have no option than to shoot any cow they see in their farms.

By Upper West Media

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