Funeral Ground

A Girl perceived to be within her early 20s [name withheld] was riding a motorbike when her hijab went into the Motorcycle’s back wheel on Saturday 10th December 2022. She went to Kundugu market to buy some goods and in her return the accident Occured and died in the process according to eyewitness. She is a native of Konyebin in Wa East District.

She has since been buried per Islamic Customs whilst other burial activities are in place, this has not been the first time because a woman faced similar untimely death close to Gwollu in the Sissala West District when she was on an Apsonic Aloba Motorcycle on 6th  January 2021, her Hijab went into the wheel and it twisted her neck, she suffocate for air and died in the Process.

Motor accidents have reduced in parts of the Region due to several factors Including high cost of fuel and Motorbikes due to the appreciation of the dollar against the Cedi.


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