Some Residents in Funsi, the District Capital of Wa East District have expressed concern with the influx of snakes in the township.

According to a resident who is also a public sector worker, he explained that the reptiles have made his abode their second place of rest and that has put fear in him, he added that he is scared a snake may bite him at a point but doesn’t know if there is a tradition behind their existence there, this according to him is the reason he doesn’t want to killing them.

A Student of Funsi SHS who was I interviewed by Upperwestmedia Team also admitted the snakes have invaded parts of their School, he added that sometimes they see them by some igneous rocks in the school and this puts fear in them to study in the nearby bushes and in classes around the bushes, the student[Name Withheld] has called for authorities to assist in addressing the issue before a snake bites a student.

Meanwhile checks revealed that some of the snakes are from the Gbelle Game Reserve which is few kilometers from the Town.


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