Wa East: Major Economic Road Disorganized By Water

Kpalworgu Community road in Wa East District

A major economic road within the Wa East District has be left unattended to for over a decade, the road serves as a path through with food items are transported through to major markets within the Upper West Region.

The Kpalworgu Community Road is a road that has been eroded by heavy rainfall within the area, the magnitude of potholes on the road has resulted in several accidents occuring in the road. They have since called upon The District Chief Executive of the Area, Hon. Ewura Kandiah to assist in getting the road fixed.

In a statement issued by a Community Member, Issaka Mogtari, he explained:

So pathetic , this is the road leading to
kpalworgu, a community in the Wa East District of the Upper west Region, a community that is known to be one of the food baskets of the Region, infact the first Community to produce watermelon in the region and still remains the leading producer of watermelon.

This community(Kpalworgu) cannot be forgotten when the leading producing food staffs like maize, groundnuts, Soya beans etc communities are being listed.

But my question is why is it that the road leading to this community has been abandoned for soo many years without reshaping not to talk of being gravelled?

Do politicians feel proud when driving through this road for their political gains? Infact, this is a pity.

The people of kpalworgu are crying their voices out to all well wishers, philanthropist, NGO’s and the Government to come to their aid.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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