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A report filed by the National Democratic Congress(NDC) concerning the Current voters register exhibition exercise has been met with contradictions according to the Main opposition Party.

The report stated that quite a number voters could not find their names in the register and were in the process asked to fill inclusion forms which are very limited at the centers, only seven sheets were made available.

This was met with mixed reactions by several voters according to the report.

The statement added that these affected voters will have to travel to Funsi for authentication before the can be restored.



In the Upper West Region, a number of new voters could not find their names in the EC’s voter register. According to the EC, the problem cuts across the whole region. Instead of the 2019 register being separated from the old one, the two have been combined with their names mixed up together meaning many names of new voters have been deleted.

Meanwhile the EC’s own guidelines say the two registers should be separated since the 2019 one remained provisional until exhibited.

The only solution the EC is providing now is to ask its officers to fill inclusion forms, which are limited at the exhibition centers (seven each) for those omitted which will mean they have to travel to Funsi for authentication before they could be brought back onto the register.


The exercise is expected to be held from 10th to 17th September 2019.


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