Dr. Godfred Jasaw, MP for Wa East

The very architects who orchestrated the untimely truncation or toppling of Hon. Ameen Salifu’s tenure as MP for the Wa East Constituency are the very people hailing and using his tenure as a case study or the measure of competence and development while deliberately forgetting that the party was then in government.


Sheer hypocrisy!……..

Is the Wa East Constituency in any crisis and needs a rescuer or rescue mission? The answer is NO. As far as I am concerned, not excluding the discerning minds in the constituency, our beloved constituency as far as representation in parliament is concerned is in safe and competent hands and needs no bogus and self-acclaimed rescue mission or rescuer.


No amount of falsehood peddled against the vocal and articulate MP for our beloved constituency will wash today or tomorrow. He is the obvious choice and hope of Wa East NDC.


Retain Jasaw for quality representation in parliament and consistent development. Delegates of Wa East, ask those alleging that our MP has been given tractors to support them in their agricultural drive the following questions and demand immediate answers:

•Which government or NGO gave out the tractors?

•Were the tractors given to only Dr Jasaw or his colleague MPs were also given?

•Where has his colleague MPs’ own been kept if given?

•What is the source of the tractors and pick-ups they are currently using?

Having asked those questions, Dear Delegates, quickly refresh your minds and remember the ordeal you went through during the 2016 campaigns in the hands of the very people out of bitterness trying to deceive you today with blatant lies and fabrication.

Dear Delegates of Wa East, ask them how our 2016 campaign funds and logistics arrogated to themselves were utilized. Let them know that, the days of 2015/16 when constituency executives were powerless and relegated to the background while administrative powers and campaign logistics concentrated on an individual are over and gone forever.

Discerning delegates of Wa East Constituency, our seat is in safe and competent hands and needs no replacement motivated by bitterness and covetousness. With Dr Seidu Jasaw as our MP and at the helm of affairs, it will be a misnomer for anyone to consider or tag our beloved constituency as a ‘Swing Constituency”. Vote No. #1 for consistency and quality representation!

Dear Delegates ignore the desperate and overly unattainable promises from such desperate and embittered elements. What Jasaw has been able to chalk within his two-year stay in parliament as our Rep is unprecedented and historic.

He is simply peerless, impeccable, and the exact definition of competence. No room for bitterness and covetousness.

Go4Jasaw for Victory 2024!

Source: Suleman Bawa (Chaggu Naa)

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