Wa East Chairman of NDC, Abu Balifiama

The National Democratic Congress, Wa East Constituency has observed with surprised, the bizarre and incompetent manner the Electoral Commission is conducting the exhibition exercise in the constituency.

The party would like to indicate its displeasure under the following thematic areas;
i) Absence of portions of the 2012/16 voters register.
In Sombisi Primary school and Kojokura exhibition centers, the registers for the 2012/16 were incomplete. In the case of 2012/16 voters register, Page 11 – 24 were left out in the printing of their register whilst in Kojokura register, page 5 was also not captured in the printing of their 2012/16 register.
ii) Absence of 2019 provisional voters register.
It is very sad to note that, for the first three days of the exhibition exercise the 2019 provisional registers were not available at all in one hundred and seven (107) exhibition centers in the constituency.

The EC has indicated in the exhibition manual and adverts in the media that both registers would be exhibited separately throughout the exercise.
How come the 2019 provisional register was not at the centers? On the fourth day, only forty – four (44) 2019 provisional register was available at a few exhibition centers with lot of challenges. Even these forty – four (44) registers were in disorder. Names of some communities were interchanged (Tiisa).
Also, it is observed by the party that out of one hundred and seven (107) polling stations in the constituency, a total of sixty – three (63) provisional voters registers were absent at the various exhibition centers.
ii) Incomplete 2019 provisional voters register at selected centers.

It is regrettable to state that, the forty – four (44) 2019 registers that were present at the selected exhibition centers, a number of them were incomplete.
A case in point is at Toasah Primary school, out of thirty – nine (39) registered voters in the 2019 provisional voters register only fourteen (14) registered voters could identify their names in the register.

Also, at Loggu Primary school a total of eighty – nine (89) voters registered during the 2019 limited registration exercise but only six (6) could find their names in the provisional register and in Bunaa a total of twenty – five (25) registered during the 2019 limited registration, only ten (10) names were printed to be exhibited.

We therefore demand the following from the commission;
i) That the total number of thirty – six thousand eight hundred and seventy – one (36,871) registered voters for the 2012/16 register should be exhibited immediately.
ii) That the total number of three thousand nine hundred and eleven (3,911) registered voters of the 2019 provisional register should also be exhibited separately but alongside with that of 2012/16.
iii) That at the end of the exercise the total number of deceased or those excluded from the register should immediately be made known to all stakeholders and interested parties.

iv)That some of the officials for the Electoral Commission have not lived up to the task. They have been a lot of absenteeism at various polling stations across the constituency. While those who report at work at the centers also close by mid – day
In conclusion, we want to draw the attention of the Electoral Commission that all these irregularities especially, the incomplete 2019 provisional voters’ registers and total absence of the 2019 provisional registers occur across the whole constituency.

We, therefore, want to state that in a democracy, the process of elections should not only be fair but also be seen to be fair. Any attempt by the Electoral Commission to skew the constituency voters register would be resisted with all our strength and might. Be advised!
Thank you.

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