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Residents of Naahaa in the Gudaayiri Electoral Area in the Wa East District have said the insufficient sources of potable in the community compels women to spend nights on queues searching for water.

Consequently, men in the community said they have not outdoored a new born baby for over one year as their wives spend all day and night on long queues in search of water.

They complained that they do not get to see their wives to engage in procreation arts especially at night as the women spend the nights in the expedition of hunting water.

The residents made this known in an interview with Info Radio at the community.

“It has been a year since we last named a child because we don’t get our wives to procreate because they are all always busy looking for water, even at night,” Mr Razark, a resident, said.

“It has been more than a month I have not seen my wife because she spends all her time looking for water,” Abdulai Suleman, another resident, said.

The residents, expressing their disappointment over the lack of sources of potable water, blamed politicians for not keeping to promises made with the community.

Abdul-Karim Sufyan said political parties including the one of which the community is a stronghold, have not lived up to their expectations even though they have always shown loyalty in every election.

Another resident, Kasim Umar said the community is presently left with one functional borehole which the entire population depends for their water needs.

He said the adult population of over 1,000 outweighs the single borehole, putting pressure on it and causing intermittent breakdowns.

The residents therefore appealed to the government through the Wa East District Assembly to come to their aid.

Source: Info Radio

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