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The people of Motigu, a community in the Ducie Electoral Area are appealing to the government to connect their community to the national grid.

They say they are suffering so much in the community due to the lack of electricity.

Speaking to Info News, Badige Timothy recounts some of the challenges they face due to the lack of electricity.

He said even though they are hearing rumours about being connected soon, he said they are suffering a lot.

He, therefore, called on the government to speed up the process of connecting them.

Regarding telecommunication network services, the people of Motigu expressed disappointment in the lack of telephoning network in their community.

They said a promise was made to them in the heat of the 2020 elections, but that has never been made after the election.

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Kala said the lack of a good network in the community makes them feel like they do not belong anywhere.

Mr Ibrahim Kala expressed disappointment in the turn of events after the election 2020.

However, he called on the network he believed was MTN and the people who made the promise to them to fulfil it.

Source: Richard Banoebuuri

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