Bulenga Road

A Journalist from Chaggu in the Wa East District has outlined Reasons why the Youth of Bulenga took up responsibility to fix their Roads after some level of erosion made the road difficult to use.

According to Mr. Suleman Bawa, the Road has claimed lives thereby necessitating the move to cover the potholes.


The Youth of Bulenga working on worse portions of the Wa-Bulenga road which has been abandoned by the contractor for months.

The said terrible portions had claimed several lives of motorists and passengers onboard via accident due to the terrible nature of the said portions. Besides the loss of lives, several other users of the stretch who might count themselves lucky are still battling with severe injuries and fractures.

The youth of Bulenga thought it wise and imperative to mobilize themselves via communal labour to fix all such identified worse portions to ameliorate the suffering and to save the lives of motorists and drivers plying on the stretch.

They are however appealing to the duty-bearers in the district and traditional rulers within the Bulenga and Manwe Traditional Councils to intervene and let their voices be heard towards bringing the contractor back to the site. The youth were out in their numbers, working enthusiastically without partisan consideration.

Source: upperwestmedia.net

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