Chairman of ASAWAP(Alhaji Toyiba) has denied Threatening to lock shops of Non Members

Chairman of Upper West Regional Sachet Water Producers Association has called for all Producers to sell at the prices they are pleased with.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team, the Chairman explained that the increase in price was falsified in a document, he went further to add that he suggested a price of Ghc5 but some group of people opted to force a price of Ghc6 on producers.

“I never wrote any letter to anybody, I wasn’t there when price of water shot up, they were agitating to sell at Ghc6 that was where I came inn shortly I said my people, let’s do it Ghc5, Ghc5 will be quite reasonable than Ghc6 because it is generally agreed that prices have shot up very high, so if I have I advised them, before i said that, they had already gone on air to to mention Ghc6, I called on them and they withdrew the letter I want there Ask I.B, IB called me behind the scenes and I said connect me on air, which they did and I apologised to the general public and i said we will not do it Ghc6 we will make it Ghc5. I have not forced anybody to increase their price, I have not issued any letter to that effect and my me is all over..”

Some producers have mentioned producer of A+ Mineral Water as one of the individuals issuing the doctored letters to Producers.

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