Dr. Gandaa, Former Medical Director For Upper West Hospital

A Former Medical Director at wa Municipal hospital, Dr. Barnabas Gandaa has informed school pupils at the Kperisi Municipal assembly school to abstain from the habit of taking medications without prescription, medicines that will make them ‘high’ including the current inhalant known as snuff.

He urged the young people to avoid drugs and alcohol, live good lives and focus on their education as young people.

The medical director who is a product of the Kperihi School told the pupils that if he were to be a drug addict, he would not have become a doctor today. He assured them that they could become whatever they want to be only if they take to their studies seriously and avoid vices that have become rampant in recent day like premarital sex.

He told the girls not to allow any man to have carnal knowledge of them until they turn into adults.

Source: Radio Progress

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