Mr. Ali Kamara(Left), Hajia Humu Awudu(Right)

Mr Ali Abdul-Karim Kamara, former Wa Central New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairperson has directed salvos at the party’s 2020 Wa Central Parliamentary Candidate (PC), Hajia Humu Awudu.

He accused the PC for peddling lies against him. He said she claimed he was drawing a monthly salary of ¢1000.00 from her while he was a Constuency Chairman of the party and that he had demanded from her to pay him an amount of ¢200,000.00.

He described the allegations as outright lies bandied around by the woman.

He said this Thursday, July 28, 2022, in an interview with Aspirila on Home Radio, a Wa-based radio station.

Making his first public appearance since the May elections in which he succumbed to Osuman Abdul-Hamid, he claimed to have  played a critical role to ensure the former General-Secretary of the NPP – John Boadu – lost in the party’s national elections due to what he said was Hajia Humu’s attitude towards him.

He stated: “I told someone to inform her that John Boadu would lose in the elections and because I swore the Almighty to see him lose, I campaigned against him thoroughly through Tamale to Techiman (to see him lose). All those lies… All the lies she told him (John Boadu), which lie can she say again against Issahaku (the Wa MCE)? Which lie can she say again against the minister (Dr. Hafiz)? Kamara lost an election, she claimed that I asked her to give me ¢2 billion (old Ghana Cedis), she said she was paying me ¢1000.00 every month. God is a truthful Lord. If Hajia Humu was paying me a ¢1000.00 , my Lord should settle this between us. If I ever opened my mouth to demand from Hajia Humu for ¢2 billion, my Lord settle this between us.”

The eloquent, influential politician also expressed disappointment over reports in the party circles claiming Dr. Hafiz, the Regional Minister, has reportedly awarded some contracts to the Constituency Chairperson, Osman Abdul-Hamid and his executives.

He averred he would be very much pained if the claims turn out to be true since those were the same people that undermined him and the Regional Minister sometime back.

“If this issue is true, that minister called Hamid (the Constituency Chairperson) and gave him a contract, it’ll pain me. It’ll really pain me a lot as if I’m going to die. Because they were those that rebelled, made derogatory comments and insulted me a lot. To the extent that an executive meeting was called but they all refused to attend saying that who was the minister to call a meeting. But today, the minister calls and give you a contract, and you also agree to accept it? That’s if it’s (the claims) true, ” he told Aspirila.

Mr. Ali Kamara also accused the party executives for abandoning the party grassroots alleging they do not take good care of them.

According to him, many of them who are in distress still turn to him for help. He alleged that the executives were using their positions for their own benefit unlike the former executives of which he was part.

“Today, they (the executives) are trading with their portfolios. We (former party executives) didn’t know how to trade with our positions. They are trading with it (the party). They use money to…today, when a party person is bereaved and he wants money to help perform the funeral, the person would be looking for money but he or she cannot get it and the person can’t approach me. Some of them call me but I make sure I don’t attend to their needs immediately because I usually want them to feel the pains a bit before I help all because of what I went through in the hands of Hajia Humu. Any time I think of what she has done to me, it pains me a lot but I’ve given mine to the Lord,” Mr. Ali Kamara said.

Source: Radio Mak

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