Wa Wonnuo Area

Several Areas in Wa maybe perceived equal when it comes to inflation but there are exceptions based on several factors, how the people understand themselves and decide to cushion their burden with a cyclical plan and the cordial relationship they share. High
Prices are like droplets of water from the sky, it affects lots of people including your immediate family since most of them do not produce their primary needs.

These are the areas with low inflation in the Wa Municipality.

Sombo: Sombo is located at the Western part of Wa and has about 2,500 Residents, the Electoral Area has a moderate level of inflation with foods such as rice, Beans cake(koose), Banku still selling at Ghc3. One can also get a bag of sachet water at Ghc5.50, Ghc6 in some shops. Rent is also moderate in Sombo, You can Locate the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs, Regional Fire Station, Regional Electoral Commission, Customs Office, Environment Protection Agency, WAEC Office and other Standard Hotels Such as Nuoyong, Queens Valley in Sombo.

Kambali: It is an Electoral Area on the Wa-Maase Road, it’s about 1.5 Kilometers from the Heart of Town.
There are several things that are less expensive in Kambali electoral area including, Creates of eggs, Foods such as rice, Vegetables etc, the Kambali Market is noted for is moderate prices due to the number of Farmers residing in the area. Rent is also moderate in Kambali, one can rent a room between Ghc600 and Ghc1,500 per year in Kambali, Rent is taken Annually.

Kpaguri: One of the Economically Dependable electoral areas in the Capital, though large, has a moderate cost of living, food is affordable including Rent, very Moderate one can rent at Ghc700 in Kpaguri, the Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University, St. Francis Xavier Minor Seminary, Nandom Rural Bank, Military Barracks, Ancilla Basic School, Wa Technical Institute, AGDAM International School are part of Kpaguri Electoral Area.

Duori: it’s located in the heart of town yet has a dependable cost of living, rent is still very Moderate in the area, with Ghc500 you can still rent a cool room in Duori. Food is also less expensive because residents of the area have interest in Agric related issues including rearing and farming.

The Upper West Regional Hospital, Islamic Girls SHS, Presbyterian Basic School, New Wa Market, SDA Primary School, Catholic Primary School, Wa Airstrip are located in Duori.

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