Wa: Gabriel Mwini Defends Nurse over ‘Life Threatening’ Video

Gabriel Mwini(Left), Miss Lubabatu (Right),

General Manager of Info Radio Station in Wa by me Gabriel Mwini has indicated that the viral life threatening video circulating on tiktop by a trainee in nurse Wa is a joke.

He urged people not to take it serious in reaction to a statement posted by a Journalist, Alexis Anzagira, Demanding for Actions to be Taken on the Trainee, Alexis Anzagira Demanded that The Police and Regional Health Director Take Action to curb such developments.

“I Call on the Upper West Police Command to Arrest this trainee nurse for questioning, I also call on the Regional Director of health service as a matter of urgency get this trainee nurse forget necessary actions to be taken because we can’t gamble with people’s lives. I was Informed that her name is Lubabatu, a former student of Jirapa Community College”.

The Statement Reacted upon by Mr. Gabriel Mwini who suggested the girl was only joking

“It’s a Comedy. Not real, it’s on TikTok.”.

Meanwhile Others Disagreed with Mr. Gabriel’s Suggestion.

The Trainee Nurse has Used same medium to Apologise.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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