Wa: GBC Reporter Attributes Rising inflation in Upper West to Politics

Prince Osuman Nbian N-Akul Juwie with GBC Radio Upper West

In the Midst of Public Debate and outcry over high inflation in the country,  a Journalist, Osuman Nbian N-Akul Juwie with GBC Radio Upper West Located in the Upper West Region has advocated against politicians interfering in the Economic situation resulting in loss of purchasing power over time.

Upper West Is the Fifth Region with High Inflation According to Ghana Statistical Service(GSS) with its figure currently at 24.2%.

He blamed the high inflation rate recording in Upper West on Politics.


“Today, listening to tv3 key points, I was shocked about how Ghana is performing badly in terms of our debt level, borrowing, the rate at which we import goods especially food items
into this country. Food items such as millet,maize, beans, guinea corn, soya beans, groundnuts, water Milon yam etc. are all imported to this
country. Why should we stand so
low? Please let us stop the politics and deal with the issues. Why is it that upper west is leading all the regions in Ghana in terms of food inflation? We need to also look at our
attitude. About more than 39% food inflation, abaaa! And upper east being least in food inflation. Somebody should tell me why it is so? All the good policies that we have in Ghana here from previous governments till
date are filled with politics. It is the reason why we are where we are now.”

According to the Journalist,  he believes the Upper West Minister can address the Issue.

“Solution: The regional minister can
have a stakeholder meeting in the
region including market men and
women to discuss the current

happenings about deliberate increase in food prices in upper west region. Seek their opinions and let them
know it is something that is
tarnishing the image of our dear
region. Areas that you think you can help address their concerns, you try and do that. Let them know what is happening in the region is affecting everybody irrespective our political divide.”

Inflation Figures for 2022 According to the Ghana Statistical Service:

Central Region – 26.7%
Eastern Region – 25.8%
Brong Ahafo  – 25.5%
Greater Accra  – 25.1%
Upper West  – 24.2%
Northern Region – 23.6%
Ashanti   Region – 21.7%
Volta Region      –  20.1%
Western Region  – 19.7%
Upper East          – 18.4%

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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