Wa: Government Lands in Wa Sold Out for Peanuts – Sulega Reveals Secrets

Mr. Issahaku Suleman, Former CPP Parliamentary Candidate of Wa

A Former CPP Parliamentary Candidate of Wa Central Constituency Mr. Issahaque Suleman has revealed how plots of land in Wa have been sold out by Some Authorities in Lands Commission and other Government agencies for little tokens.

In an interview with Tinus Tuozie on Wajaa Yela Program on Friday 2nd September 2022, he questioned if The Auditor Generals Department forgot to storm the Lands Commission to investigate them.

“Has the Auditor Generals Department forgotten of the Lands Commission, all our lands have been sold out in Wa, the auditor should have delved into such areas with queries on why state lands were sold for as little as Ghc2,000 in Wa, We all know nobody can get a land in Wa for Ghc2,000, not even Ghc5,000 or Ghc10,000 yet sensitive areas in Wa are being sold out for as little as Ghc2,000, why, those plots of land are for Government, yet tommorow same Government will return begging for a land compelling landlords to get them a different plot of land for development, I’m pleading with auditor General to go into that as well”.

Meanwhile a renowned lawyer has cautioned lands Commission against using a single template in issuing leases, reminding them of impending legal actions by Indiviuals Against them.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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