In 2019, i got married to an energetic muscular man who resided with his Extended family.

He proposed to me in 2017, by then he had some significant amount of money, he paid my bride price and rented a room around Napogbakolee with a reason that his family house could make me uncomfortable, i agreed to his decision and moved with him.

I became a housewife with no work doing because i didn’t learn a trade, a brother of mine advised that i learn a skill, preferably weaving so i heeded to his advice. i enrolled and the condition was that i had to be committed to the training for at least three years.

I consulted my husband and he supported me with Ghc400, my brother added Ghc650 before i could pay for Registration and also get some tools.

As a small scale miner my partner travelled to a Minning Community in Wa East by name Danyuo Kuraa, spent up to a month without Access to him via phone, at some point when I’m able to reach out to him, he explains that the ‘site isn’t proving’ yet and that i had to be patient with demands.

We all know the family has to feed and being patient is not the solution to such an involuntary Development, sometimes i had to call my brother or some other relatives to appeal for food because i have a child now, he was enrolled in a private school where we used to pay not less than Ghc130 monthly, due to financial constraints, i withdrew my ward from the private school and took him to a public basic School in Wa, i was given a prospectus to pay a one time ICT levy, Development levy and Environment Levy of Ghc50. I gladly did with the Support of my brother because my husband told me there was no money.

A month went by and at a point i Received an alert on my phone, it was a cash inn alert of Ghc100 from him, he asked me to manage it for a week whilst he puts things in order, how much will i spend on diapers, Utilities, clothes of the child etc.

I thanked him for the support and urged him to communicate frequently, he promised to try but 3 weeks after, i didn’t hear from him, a month went by and yet nothing.

He later called and Told me he moved from the site to another still in Wa East but now Manwe, we talked for some time but then i was always worried, i took time out to suggest other businesses to him but he said Mining was a good source of income.

Time went by and things happened, three weeks in Manwe he was able to raise Ghc4,000 and sent Ghc3,000 home for me to Organize the family. i saved Ghc2,000 and used Ghc1,000 for upkeeps.

He later travelled to Kui in the Savannah Region for Mining, we communicated for a while but due to network issues it could take two weeks before i heard from him.

One faithful Evening i Received a call from his phone, it was a friend of his, he said a Minning pit collapsed and my husband was part of 6 People in the Mining Pit. At that point i had shortness in breadth, i panicked and couldn’t say a word, the caller hanged up and the next thing i did was to inform my brother, he called for calm and told me to Inform my husband’s family, i went to his family house with my brother and we broke the news, they were shocked and confused, i told them the location and three family members travelled out there to assess issues.

Two days later they returned with my husband paralyzed, his legs were chopped off and this affected him psychologically, he was sent to the Hospital for checkups and the bills piled up, his family members weren’t willing to pay so i had to use the Ghc2,000 i saved to sort out part of the bill leaving an outstanding bill of Ghc3,550. Out of sympathy, a doctor payed it off and discharged him, according to the doctor, we needed morer money to continue treatment so to be on a safer side we should go home and look for money, we went home and in two days time my husband died.

His funeral was quickly arranged and finalized after which a brother of his explained that, it is part of their Tradition to marry their brother’s wife, i consulted my brother on the Development and asked me to turn down the traditional offer of marriage, he said their family was not the caring type, i have since left and I’m single again but I’m not sure I’ll go inn for a small scale miner or a man who hasn’t built his own house yet.


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