Wa Township

As strange things continue to happen in Relationships, so shall incomprehensible Revelations become the order of the day.

some men may actually not lose in the game.

They got into a relationship when the young man Visited Wa in 2018, the relationship was indirectly a business one because the guy portrayed himself to be rich, he assured the lady through his appearance and his way of communicating, he told the lady he was from Nothern Region adding that they came to work on a project in Jambussie.

Few days on in the relationship he promised to get the lady a container shop from a welder, they went to the shop and unknowingly to the lady, the man had already visited the welder, a friend of his, arranging certain deals with him.

At the Welding shop, he discussed the price with the welder and payed half of the amount which was Ghc2,000 through mobile money, he assured the man he will bring the Balance in few days time before they can take the container shop away.

The man and his temporal partner went home and went separate ways along the day. In the Evening the lady called to surprise the guy and met him, they went to a hotel and had some good time.

Two days later, they met in a hotel again and enjoyed themselves more, the guy raised a topic of the container suggesting he wanted to clear off the Ghc1,000 outstanding debt in order for the container to be relocated, in the discussion he suggested his company was to send him money in the next four days but was looking for somewhere to borrow an amount of Ghc2,000 in order to clear the debt and use the other Ghc1,000 for Upkeep.

The lady chipped inn suggesting she could assist with the Ghc2,000. She went to a friends and borrowed Ghc2,000 from ‘Dagibile’ which she offered to the guy.

later in the day, they went to where their container was to settle the the welder with his outstanding balance of Ghc1,000, he was around so they met with him and in another conversation the man transferred the supposed money to him(welder), mind you, the message he was sending as alerts were fake(empty alerts), so the welder agreed that he had received the money.

Afterwards, the man travelled and switched his phone off, removed his sim card and left, the lady after several attempts to reach him failed, she went to the welder in anger and to her surprise the welder informed her that the man came back for his money suggesting he had changed his mind so he gave him his money.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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