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In the Past, a Lady within the Wa Municipality found herself in a trap after dating a young man she met in 2019, along their point of Socialization, they got along very well and planned to get married if things go well and as premeditated.

“Few weeks after we got into the relationship, we went home and started the game of passion, he was so impressed with me and said sweet words to me, he promised to buy me a motorbike in weeks ahead, I waited for some time to see him walk his promise, lo and behold, he took me to a show room to buy me a new motorbike. I requested for a Luojia Motorbike and he agreed with me.”

According to the lady, they bargained and after which she had the shock of her life.

“He spoke with the dealer and the bike was assembled, he took the bike on a test ride and never returned, meanwhile he had not payed yet so I was held in the neck and ordered to pay for the motorbike, things were getting out of hand, I contacted my family and they come to intervene, they didn’t pay for it anyways but I took a different step.”.

The lady was assisted by a business man along the Wa-Mase Road to settle her debt.

“A Business Man intervened and payed for the losses, he directed that i work at his business center for some months to cover up the losses, I did and worked for him every night at his business Center till it covered up, may our maker reward him Abundantly”.

She has since gotten married and lives happily within the Municipality.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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