Few Years Back, a Teacher popularly called ‘Youknow’ was working in Wa, at a school meters away from T-junction.

He had a low emotional Quotient though intelligent, used was fond of using physical means to correct students, a development that got him into trouble.

He used to physically assault students who failed to answer questions correctly, one faithful afternoon luck eluded him when he slapped a student in class.

The student reacted in a spiritual approach at the blind side of the teacher.

Few hours after slapping the student, his hand begun to expand and swell, he felt so uncomfortable that he had to discuss the issue with authorities of the School, he consulted a doctor and after taken a test, he was told his condition could not be defined biologically.

His headmaster called him to his office and asked if he had offended any student, he affirmed and admitted he slapped a student during a class session.

The students were called together and were counseled by the headmaster, he pleaded that any student who had a hand in ‘Youknow’s’ condition should help them reverse it.

A student visited the headmaster afterwards and admitted he was physically assaulted by the Teacher, a reason he decided to tie the teacher’s hand in a baobab pit.

He was called to the teacher’s house to reverse it and he took a calabash of water, went outside the room and carried out his rituals, came back and directed ‘youknow’ to drink the Water, he drunk the water after which the student applied the water on his hand.

After 5 hours his hand begun restoring to it’s normal shape, in two days after the spiritual process, he returned to normalcy and decided to take a transfer to Accra.


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