‘Nabi baala kuŋ juŋ boɔ’ (a poor Royal shan’t ride on a goat) is a popular parlance among the Waala people especially the Royals. Horses are associated with Royalty since the time of conquest.

In the olden days every palace was blessed with a horse(if not more).

The reasons for keeping a horse(s) in the Royal house or Palace are enormous and some might be beyond human comprehension. Horses are War machines and predominantly owned by worriors or their Kings. You would recalled the waala royals are decendants of Naa Gbewaa and therefore has history for owning horses.

Horses are sometimes kept in the palace as a form of ‘Sadaqah’ (voluntary charity) in the form of a living soul. As long as its treated well, so shall the blessing of the Palace flows. Horses are beleived to be blessed with super natural powers that repel evil spirits and protect the Palace from harm. They are superhumans with four legs. That is why a dead horse is buried like a Royal and all customary rite are duly followed as such.

One of the reasons for the respect people accord to the Waala chief has to do with the horse(s) they keep. Being able to keep a healthy and well fed horse has a correlation with the Chief’s ability to rule and the vice-versa.

Remember, the Chief is not the only person responsible for its feeding, the subjects support too.
When a Waala chief passes on, some respect is accorded to the message.

It is coded with the most loyal person(horse) in the palace like ‘Nba Naa yɔhun bɔri’. We refer to the death as the missing of the cheif’s horse(Naa yɔhu bɔribo). When the Chief horse gets missing in normal sense, nobody will rest until it is found. This applies to the passing of the King. No one rest until the King is buried, funeral performed and new King enskinned.

So what at all are our royals investing in? Is it the smocks(Nabi kpari or Dagakpari)? Or is it the Dabuo Naalung(titles ) that they are happily annexing to cover their names(old names)? Or the numerous everyday fights over nothing? Cant they live up their games? A chief must be visionary, unifying, God fearing and hardworking or resourceful. A chief must not be greedy or visionless.

‘If a market will enter, it starts in the morning’. If you are a Royal, you must prepare yourself ‘adequately’ for Kingship. Dont just sit there and wait for grey hair before you start to think of becoming a chief. Invest today in what you beleif in.
Good day.


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