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Information reaching Yirimambo indicates that criminal activities these days are on the ascendancy at Bamahu and the community of SDD-UBUDS. Sadly, the effect victims, I’m told are mostly the students of UBIDS and public servants.

Quite recently, it was reported that one of the public servants was nearly raped by these unknown miscreants. According to the narrative, the said victim who is a female nurse was pushed into a gutter with her motorbike and rushed to her.

They took the motorbike and all other belongings with her and went ahead to ask her to undress which obliged without delay. Fortunately, on her part, she was in her monthly flow and that saved her from being raped by the criminals.

Pathetically, I’m told the lady is a Nurse with the Wa Municipal Hospital. On that fateful night, the lady closed from work around 9-10 pm from Wa and was going home only to meet this painful and pathetic encounter. Our security agencies should please pay particular attention to UBIDS Campus and the Bamahu Community.

What the guys are doing over there is a dent on the image of the region. The victim who spoke to me on condition of anonymity passionately appealed for the urgent repairs of the dysfunctional street lighting system along the Wa-Bamahu stretch.

She also suggested that, stationing policemen or ensuring constant police patrol on the stretch would help. Some of the public servants especially nurses are threatening to jettison night duties at their workplaces if nothing is done about these incessant attacks on them on their way home at night.

Source: Yirimambo Advocacy Group

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