Dr Rashid Pelpuo, Incumbent Wa Central MP (Left), M.A Seidu, Late Former MP for Wa (Right)

In the run up to the 2000 polls, our current MP, then an Issa Youth Teacher, gathered some youth to pressurise Hon M.A Seidu (late) to step down as MP to allow a new face to lead the constituency. It is public knowledge the party elders calmed the mastermind and his gang down, at least, for the next 4 years. This resurfaced in 2003 when they ( Pelpuo Team) planned to either contest Hon M.A. Seidu or go independent as they alleged the constituents were calling for a new direction.

When Wa West was created out of the bigger Wa Central constituency, it emboldened Rashid Pelpuo cabal’s agenda to oust the then MP. Listening to wise counsel, M A Seidu stepped down honourably for an equally qualified candidates to contest the Wa West and Wa central seats which he had opportunity to contest either seats.

Hon M A Seidu spent 3 terms (12 years) in Parliament and he was called to step down or voted out by Rashid Pelpuo led “Revolutionaries”. Fast foreward to 2023, Hon Rashid Pelpuo is spending his 5th term (19/20 years) in parliament and he is describing people calling for the same change he called for in 2000 and 2004 as HATERS. What a man! Hearing this from Pelpuo and his cohorts, I am sure Hon M A Seidu will be turning in his grave.

Heading to the polls on 13th May, 2023, it is only the Lord’s work to say that all the 3 candidates ( Alhaj Hudu Mogtari and Lawyers Wahid, and Mutiu-Rahaman) contesting against the incumbent Hon Rashid are by far more educated now than Rashid Pelpuo in 2004, more resourceful now than Rashid Pelpuo in 2004 and more exposed and connected to party stalwarts and development partners now than Rashid in 2004. What else are we looking for now?

It is absolutely absurd for some people to say Hon Pelpuo should be given the mandate again because he has money more than his contenders. How can one possibly compare Hon Rashid Pelpuo accumulated 19 years wealth as an MP, former sports minister, former deputy Majority leader, former PPP minister to the wealth of any of the two illustrious Lawyers or the internationally recognised Pharmacist ? If that comparison is anything to go by then, late M A Seidu would have still be our MP because he was more resourceful than Pelpuo in 2004. Lawyer Abubakari Mutiu Rahaman, Lawyer Wahid Iddrisu Bampuori and Alhaj Hudu Mogtari (a Pharmacist with international appeal) are ready to serve if given the mandate. They have what it take to lead us to the promise land just like Rashid(Hon) did in 2004.

Again, that Hon Rashid is the President of Pan African Parliamentary Forum on Population and that his longevity will automatically warrant him a cabinet ministerial appointment or vice presidential slot. So how come same person did not see that in Hon M A Seidu but tried cutting him short in 2000 and eventually in 2004? Was there something personal either than developments of the constituency that people were not told?

Hon M A Seidu is watching from the skies.

By: Suleiman Toppie

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