Upper West Regional Police Commander DCOP Peter Ndekugri (Left), Security Man (Right)

The Upper West Regional Police Commander DCOP Peter Ndekugri has revealed in an interview with Rafiq Salam that on 9th of September 2022, he was contacted by a head pastor of Child Support Ghana, Pastor Dan and informed about an attack at Child Support Ghana Foundation, it prompted him to rush to the scene only to discover the Suspect has escaped through a fence wall of the Orphanage Home.

The Commander Continued that he called his patrol team to give them(Suspects) a hot chase but they run towards Nakore Road into Oblivion.

“I got up and just took my vehicle, I rushed there, upon hearing the sound of my vehicle, they quickly jumped over a wall and I called my patrol men, they gave them a hot chase and like the media man said, they were heading towards the same direction, Nakore Road, we pursued them untill they entered into the bush, put off their motor lights, we trace combed the whole bush, we could not find them and that came how i managed to save the life of the security Man”.

The Regional Commander in his narration revealed the Suspects went toward Nakore Residential Area and could not be found Afterwards.

A 60-Year old Father of 6, Mr. Abu Ibrahim was attacked at an Orphanage Home in Kpaguri Residential Area, he is currently at the Upper West Regional Hospital Receiving Treatment.

Some Youth of Wa as a result of Attacks on security men have begun attacking Nigerian Business Men in Wa with the suspicion they are behind the recent killings.

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Source: Rafiq Salam

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