Nursing Trainees of (JCHNTC) at Wa Circuit Court, Ibrahim Yutia (right)

A Trainee Nurse of Jirapa Community Health Nursing Training College was Allegedly Kidnapped on 10th of June 2023 after he travelled to Wa to purchase some item for his school He is a final year student of Nurse Assistance Preventive program.

Ibrahim Yutia was later found on 14th July 2023 at his hometown, Motigu in the Wa East District.

Yutia was in court on 10th August 2023 for causing fear and panic and also Defrauding some students of huge sums of monies contributed purposely for their exams.

Yutia will Return to Court to continue with Trial on 31st if August 2023.

Pieces of Information Unfolding:

He is part of a final year students class (150students) who agreed to contribute 450 cedis each to help run their up coming NMC final exams. This guy in question is part of a 7 committee member endorsed by the class of 150 students to handle the money with the others to run the activities for the class for this year NMC final exams 2023.

The guy through his gentle behavior is appointed as the class committee members chairman, he is also the vice president of the Ghana Muslim Students Association and double as the SRC boys hostel monitor.

I had the privilege to interact with some of his colleagues and they told me he is in possession of over 58,000 cedis and decided to deceived the class committee that he is traveling to Wa to bring some food commodities so he colleagues were waiting for him to come and he decided to failed on the expected day agreed to come to campus and later texted a female student who is part of the class committee that “his life is danger”

We heard he is currently standing trial for creating fear and panic. At the Wa circuit Court today 10th August 2023.

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