His child is currently 4 Years old and a Girl but I don’t think he deserves that child.

In 2018, I met him at Kambali and we had a short chat, he told me stuffs and Expressed interest in making me his wife, he told me he was aging and needed to settle down, I’m that thick type so I thought with his slim nature he will be a good husband, workaholic and flexible.

Few weeks in the line, he started showering me with gifts, brought my ‘chop money’ regularly, I also felt deep inside me that this guy was very responsible due to his attitude, though he never picks me around on his motorbike, I felt mature people do not necessarily have to seek public attention with whom they love, I thought keeping things private was the best.

He got me pregnant in 2018 and I informed him about the pregnancy, he told me he had two wives and as a result he cannot keep a child outside marriage due to the pressure on him at home, he gave me stories, explaining how School fees and other expenses were bullying him, I Sympathized with him though I became shocked to know he had two wives and kids at that moment.

He proposed a place in Duori where we can have a safe abortion and gave me Ghc1,000 to abort the pregnancy, we went to the private hospital together and i handed over the money to the doctor in his presence afterwards, he bought some fruits, food and other drinks for me before the Process could take place.

The doctor assured him that by the close of the day, the abortion process will be completed, he went home and left me behind.

I spoke with the doctor afterwards, something touched me Spiritually and told him I needed the pregnancy, the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to get a full refund if that was the case, he gave me Ghc800 back and told me to act as if I had fever for some days and afterwards plan on travelling and changing my contact lines for security reasons.

I went Home and acted as if I had fever, my boyfriend came to meet me at home and Sympathized with me, I told him I would travel to a family member to relax for sometime and he agreed.

I went to Bole to stay with an aunt and after sometime i changed my sim card and replaced it with a new one.

During that time, the pregnancy was 3 months and some weeks old, I stayed with my aunt for 6 months and delivered a baby girl. I came back to Wa and nursed the baby till date, thanks to my understanding father, he never shouted at me or insulted me, he bought me diapers and some other items but warned me against pregnancies, he said having babies outside marriage could affect my chances of getting married because only a few men will listen to my stories.

For now he knows he has no child with me but I’m aware he has a child, my problem is that if the child should ask of whom her father is, what will I tell her? Who will take her bride price in the future. That’s the problem. Several men have such children outside, it’s just about time.

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