Sometimes Im compelled to believe men are usually the cause of their problems, the reason for how we react towards them as ladies.

I’m currently 32 years of age and I stay alone, I’m a Nurse by Profession and I’m single, not married but have been approached by several suitors.

I met this young man who came along and spoke nicely to me, he told me his wife passed on and he had one child, he continued that time was far spent and he thought it would be wise to settle down once again, things went normal, he is the slim type of man, someone I presumed will be good at the bed game during the pleasure periods.

As usual, it’s Normal to experience foreplay in order to measure his capacity before marriage, I tried it with him and it went well as expected, we tried more of it along the line and I was totally convinced he could wet the bed prodigiously till we grow old together.

We planned on getting married and everything was budgeted, we spent about Ghc 12,000 on everything and I moved into his house.

The honeymoon was lit and we spent it in Africano for 3 days, a nice lodge in Kpaguri.

Three weeks along the line, he changed.

I no longer felt the thing as hard as it used to be, it became big without force and strength and couldn’t last in me for up to two minutes.

That was strange, so i asked myself “..Is this guy cheating on me or seeing someone else?…”

I kept siding with patience, one faithful morning on Saturday, I picked up a quarrel with him for denying me our usual joyous moments, he turned me down after I touched him in a horny mood, “…I’m so exhausted please, bari Kang gang kabielaan puo”, this really got me but I held on to it.

At 9am in the morning, whilst he was asleep, I took his clothes to get them washed, in the process of Washing, I touched something in his pocket during a search, I took it out and it was a pack of Viagra, I knew Viagra because I’m a health worker, I was shocked to know that was his source of strength, I took a video of it as evidence and confronted him, at a point he wanted to deny it but later affirmed he uses Viagra to stay active for the game, I because confused and couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with a Viagra addict.

I’m currently between two walls contemplating on whether to leave or to stay but on the scale, we have no kids and I think it’ll be better I leave.


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  1. If you claim to be a nurse help your husband reach his full erection rather than divorcing him or trying to cheat on him

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