Mr. Morris Banaamwini is a Journalist

A Renowned Journalist within the Spheres of the Upper West Region has stated that the fire Outbreak at Wa Senior High Technical School is premeditated.

Speaking on a Radio Program, Yelkabaahi Today, 26th January 2023 at Radio Waa, he indicated that the times in which the fire razed down structures in the school were incomprehensible, he continued that the fire struck at same times in two days and with no intervals, a Development he believes is planned by some groups of people.

“I believe someone goes to light some matchsticks at the hostels just to cause this”.

Fire destroyed Properties of Students and the public Institution in the Wa Municipality along the month of January 2023, some stakeholders Including Alhaji Hudu Moqtari have already stepped inn to donate some School Uniforms to the Affected Individuals.

The Fire Outbreaks occured on 22nd and 23rd of January 2023.


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