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The Kambali Community in Wa Municipality has successfully sent away some strumpets popularly known as Ashawos from Maxixco Gardens in their electoral area over what they refered to as unethical behavior.

Speaking to Assembly Member of the Area, Hon. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao on 7th of July 2023, he said the operation to chase foreign sex workers out of his Electoral Area was executed a fortnight ago after an engagement with elders and some residents of the electoral area.

Some Sex Workers

“..The People have decided that they don’t want these sex workers in the electoral area so I’m working on their interest, what they want is what I will follow, we have also improved the lightning system of the area where they operate to reduce snatching of phones and other crimes..”.

The Assembly Member Added that the operation to eliminate sex trade from his Electoral Area by foreigners mostly from Nigeria was successful after he partnered with the Wa Municipal Assembly and the Ghana Police Service.

In 2021, Foreign Sex Workers were deported from the Upper West Region by the Ghana Immigration Service.

Some Other Assembly Members including the Assembly Member for Kpaguri Electoral Area Hon. Osman Nurideen and Assembly Member for Mangu Electoral Area, Hon. Shakib Mohammed have also kicked against the commercial activities of Sex Workers in their Electoral Areas.


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