Hon. Masahudu Adam, Assembly Man for Kambali Electoral Area and a Nurse


The Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area has declared his stance on the Activities of Street prostitutes in the Kambali Community since he took over from his predecessor.

Speaking to the Media in July 2023, Hon. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao indicated that his Electoral Area frowns on such immorality and as a result their activities will have to be taken elsewhere. He continued that once his people do not endorse it, he has sided with them and will put inn all efforts to ensure their activities are banned in Kambali.

In 2021, three Assembly Members took drastic steps to end prostitution in their Electoral Areas, these Assembly Members include Hon. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao, Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu, Assembly Member for Mangu Electoral Area and Hon. Osman Nurideen, Assembly Member for Kpaguri Electoral Area.

Moths after their Decisions and Actions, a TV3 Documentary exposed some stumpets selling semens of men for money. The development raised an alarm in Wa Municipality.

Some of the strumpets are currently stranded and resort to connections from middle men to get clients, some have however sneaked back into Maxixco to continue their operations.

The Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior Chased strumpets Out of his Metropolis in October 2017.

In other parts of Ghana, on 29th of July 2023, the La District Court in Accra has taken decisive action against 24 Nigerian commercial sex workers who were caught soliciting sex in the Osu suburb. The accused individuals, whose names include Favour David, Nancy Victor, Angel Isaiah, Gloria Uyi, Chukwuma Olivia Chinyere, Jennifer James, Matilda Samuel, Ogbona Success, and Ibeh Mary, were among those convicted by the court after pleading guilty to the charge of soliciting or importuning by a prostitute.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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