Late Shahid (Left), Mr. Tamimu (Uncle to Shahid)(Right)

Mohammed Tamimu, an Uncle to 27-year Old Shahid Abubakari, a Young Man who was shot dead at Degu Electoral Area on the 8th of March 2023 has Revealed what his nephew told him minutes after he was shot by some security Officers tagged as Anti-Robbery Police.

Speaking to Joy News’ Rafiq Salam on Sunday, 12th March 2023 at the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council, Mr. Tamimu Indicated that he spoke with his Nephew Just After he was shot Near Tanbile Ju.

“…What Happened that night, it was a Fulani man that called me, ‘Mallam Did you hear of Shahid, he called me that he was coming to pick me and i heard gunshots around our area’, i decided to call him to advise that he shouldn’t come, when the fire ceases i will invite him to come, lo and behold Shahid picked by call and Said “I’m already shot, im lying down there”, since then i was calling him and i couldn’t get him so i called the area Assembly man of Degu Electoral Area, he is a good friend, that he should quickly rush to the area, he went there and the police refused to grant him audience, we tried everything we could that we want to see our brother…”

Family of Shahid have insisted they need the body of their Brother to perform his funeral rites.


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