Assembly Member for Kpaguri, Hon. Osman Nurideen

The Assembly Member for Kpaguri Electoral Area Hon. Osman Nurideen has taken drastic steps in Making Kpaguri a horrendous zone for miscreants in the Municipality.

According to the Assembly Member, Miscreants are enthused by darkness and are motivated to operate in such areas, this according to him resulted in the decision to improve lightening systems in the area.

In the Development, the Assembly man has Installed New street bulbs to improve street lightening systems in the area.

He called for donors to assist in generating revenue to improve the area.



The agenda to get the Kpaguri Electoral Area bright in order to improve visibility, movement and curb insecurity has seen a massive boost.

A number of streetlights/Security lumps have been installed at vantage points in the electoral area.

This is made possible by the Assembly Member of the Kpaguri Electoral Area and the MP for Wa Central Constituency.

Our doors are open for benevolent donors towards this agenda.

No amount or donation is small!!

Contact of Kpaguri Assembly Man: 0246932381


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