Fire Outbreak on Wa-Kpersi Road

An elderly Man Believed to be between the Ages of 47-50 has escaped a near fatal fire accident close to the Gratis Foundation in Wa.

The fire started few meters after the pastoral center around 3:33pm today 12th October 2022.

He was riding an apsonic jive with registration number 15-2757-UW when all of a sudden there was a fire Outbreak beneath motorbike, several road people by the road shouted to draw his attention but due to a helmet he was wearing, there was hearing impairment.

It took the effort of a rider to draw his attention. The rider went close to him on top speed to draw his attention, the victim reacted afterwards and stopped instantly, sand and some grasses were used to turn off the fire through the intervention of some workers at Gratis Foundation.

The rider explained that he had gone to work on his bike but was heading to an electrician to fix some problems on the bike, he suggested the fire Outbreak could be an electronic problem.

The motorcycle was pushed into the yard for safe keeping.


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