A Lady Calls for More Suitors

A Young girl within the Wa Municipality has expressed concern with the rate at which the youth are losing interest in Marriage lately.

A Development she labelled as alarming, though Relative, may appear true because the number of publications of stickers and invitations are dropping significantly based on the fact that some men are considering the high cost of renting, lack of jobs and dishonesty in some Women and men lately.

Some Women have also been tagged as money conscious, a Development people wouldn’t want to gamble with whilst some men are also being tagged as sex conscious.

The lady who spoke Waali was spotted pleading for suitors to come onboard and atleast send cola to her parents as a sign of ‘greeting’ in our Traditional setting.

In a short video spotted on Social media, they Expressed delight for a colleague getting married.

“…We are all happy for you oo, If I get to know that someone has presented cola at my house expressing interest in me I will be extremely glad, today as we speak, death can knock at your door at any point in time….”

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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