Recordz (Left), Zuleha (Right)

Controversial Showbiz Icon within the Spheres of Wa Municipality has indicated she has a crash on Hiplife Musician by Stage name Recordz.

Adam Zuleha, known in Showbiz Circles as Ekua Julie made her intentions known in an interview with Upperwestmedia team.

She also posted a picture of the ’30’ freestyle hitmaker suggesting she can crush Recordz in bed with her big boobs.

” I go break this one in bed with my big tit”.

“Guy na my spec
Make no one tell him o but one day
I go clear am sharpu”

“I Dey feel am basaa”

Dan I go link him to u

I don boost energy 4”.

The Pamela Odame Watara of Upper West Region was Popular in the Media for stating categorically that Students of Dan Ibu International never endured pain during their early ages.

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