Mr. Justice Okyere, Lecturer of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University

A Lecturer with the Faculty of Agriculture Engineering within Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University, Mr. Justice Okyere has written to Parliament Demanding for The tittle ‘Dr.’ to be removed from the University’s Name.

He defined that as an error by the state, indicating instances where some schools were named after Dignitaries without tittles.

He gave an instance where Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was named after the Former President without the tittle ‘Dr.’ he also gave an instance where Hilla Limann SHS in Gwollu was named without ‘Dr.’ Tittle Attached to it.

“I don’t Mention Dr. because It’s an error of Law and as a Lecturer I can’t keep repeating errors that Parliament has made.”

He was questioned on what he intends to do about the name in order to change it and he explained his intentions.

“Currently I have written for Parliament to amend the name so I have written the piece that I am to send to Parliament to delete the ‘Dr.’ From the name because it’s an enditement on the entire state for outsiders to think that we have named a whole University with a tittle and as an inanimate object we cannot add a tittle to it’s name so I have already written that piece that I will be taking to Parliament for Parliament to amend the name and to Delete the ‘Dr.’ from it.”

Through the Technical University Amendment Act 2020(Act 1016) the Institution was converted to Technical University.

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