The Lifeless Body Was found at T.I Ahmadiyya JHS Block B

A Lifeless Body has been found on the field of T.I Ahmadiyya JHS Block B partly burried with parts of it covered with leaves.

The Body was discovered by some students on the 16th of June 2022 at about 11am in the Morning.

According to an Eyewitness by name Eliasu, he explained to the Media that he went to urinate and noticed that some sticks parked on top of leaves and as a result they went closer to uncover what was under the leaves, they noticed a body after they had picked up the sticks and leaves.

Some other witnesses added that teachers of the school were informed of the lifeless body and they came to witness the development.
The police have since been informed of the issue and are Investigating the Development.

T.I Ahmadiyya JHS Block B is located in the SSNIT Residential Area of Wa Municipality.


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