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Haki Bayelkebe Declared Missing by BAHAS Foundation

A mentally The deranged man has been declared Missing by the BAHASS Foundation headed by Mr. Yusif Baba.

According Mr. Yussif Baba, a search has been conducted around town to find him but such efforts proved futile.

“He has been missing for over a month. He is called Haki Bayelkebe and we are calling on the general public to provide information to help rescue our mentally retarded brother.
Pls contact me incase you see him 0244690159.”

Meanwhile some individuals has responded to his call by revealing they saw him around three months ago

“Oh, he had been walking up and down from ministries to ssnit flats towards bamahu”.

“Is a long time too I have seen him, more than 3 month or so now”.


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