The man was caputred stealing a Luojia Motorbike

A Young Man in Pink jallabia was captured in a CCTV footage on 7th September unlocking a motorbike owned by a lady known as Dumbu Ubeida.

In the CCTV footage recorded at Total Fuel Station in the Wa Main market, the Suspect was in a haste to unlock the bike and relocate it from where it was parked, he succeeded in unlocking the Motorbike and afterwards, took it away.

He has since been in the Wanted list of several Social media users Including the owner of the stolen Luojia Motorbike. The Motorbike is with Registration number UW-16-3229.

A Social Media Influencer by name Prince Banayelbali Yangla published the video on his social media handle pleading for assistance to identify and apprehend the Suspect.

“This Moto bike was stolen this afternoon by this guy at total filling station, please help us identify him. The owner is Dumbu Ubeida. Call 0249830002.”


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