The Accident Occured in Kpaguri Residential Area

An old man believed to be between the ages of 48-55 has developed a fracture on his right leg after he veered  onto a Toyota Corolla Car in the Kpaguri Residential Area.

According to eyewitnesses there as at 12pm, the victim only identified as Baba, a business man who hires construction equipment was heading to the mosque for Jumah Prayer when the accident occured.

Mr. Baba was on a Haojue 110-5 motorbike with Registration Number M-22- UW – 2465-22 heading from Wa Poly street where he went to wash his Motorbike, toward the Nakore junction when the Toyota Corolla Car with Registration number NR-352-14 was to turn around on the road, it the process of turning around on the middle of the road, the motor rider crushed onto the car and fell on his right leg.

He has since been rushed to the Wa Municipal Hospital Per information Gathered by Upperwestmedia Team.


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