Misunderstanding close to Wa Technical Institute

A Young Business Man by Name Sayibu has reportedly Assaulted three women Physically in front of Wa Technical Institute located on the Wa Poly Street for Insulting him.

In an interview with an eyewitness at the scene 15:34pm in the Evening, he explained that the tricycle rider with registration number UW-9401-21 confronted a driver with car registered, UW-64-14 on the road by name Sayibu, instructing the driver to either park or increase mobility on the road in order for the road to be free to use.

The instruction from the tricycle (camboo) rider didn’t go down well with the driver and as a result, he stopped his car and tried Assaulting the rider of the tricycle, passengers of the tricycle numbering 5 Women sided with the tricycle rider by raining insults on the driver.

The driver out of anger pounced on three of the women who were heading to Kpongu. His actions were condemned by several witnesses at the scene.

Several road Users called for Calm and pleaded with the victims in order to put an end to their misconceptions and restore calm.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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