Assembly Member for Mangu, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu

With the growing concerns of insecurity in the Wa Municipality, the Assembly Member for Mangu Electoral Area, Mr Mohammed Shakib, has called for the setting up of a police visibility post along the road leading to the Northern Star Senior High School.

He said that his outfit was working tirelessly to secure a police post at the area to clamp down on activities of crime.

Mr Shakib disclosed this in an interview with Info Radio on Saturday, August 13, 2022 during our weekend news magazine program “A Daa Nga Puo Yele”.

He lamented that the area was a hub for miscreants and that a police post at the area would curb the crime insurgence.

Responding to concerns of some residents in the Mangu Old Cemetery Residency regarding electrical connectivity to their homes, the Assembly Member called for coordinated efforts by the residence to addressing the challenge.

He clarified that electricity had been extended to the residency except for the residence to purchase a pole or two to tap into homes.

He promised meeting the affected residents to find an amicable solution.

Mr Shakib further appealed to city authorities to help put to good shape the road leading to the Northern Star SHS, especially the dam area.

He said the road spot around the dam was a threat to the lives of residents and road users especially during the rainy season.

He said that he, together with the residents, has been undertaking communal work to fix the road spot but needs the support of authorities to find a lasting solution.

Source: Info Radio

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