On Tuesday 8th of September 2022, a mechanic by Name Ammala Shakuur revealed how his Luojia Motorbike was taken away by a lotto Staker’s Aprre Apprentice close to their workshop along the Wa-Mangu Road.

The incident occurred close to Maxixco gardens in Wa.

He went on to narrate that the Suspect not known by name, was an apprentice to a driver of Wa Senior High Technical School staking lotto on his behalf when he goes to his workplace on weekdays, on Tuesday the Suspect went for Shakuur’s Bike to send some winning numbers for money but has since been untraceable.

“They said he is from northern Region so I believe he went there with my bike, he sleeps here claiming he doesn’t have any family here, I was at work when he(Suspect) came to tell me his master(Nyini) sent him on an errand and directed him to come for my bike in order to cover the distance, I gave the motorbike to him because I know his master personally, he took the bike around 1pm and we waited till 6pm, he didn’t return as at that time so I called to inform (Nyini), he told me to be patient so I waited till the next day but with no news of his apprentice and my motorbike”.

Shakur has reported the case to the police and per reports Nyini has been directed to buy a new Motorbike in replacement.

“I reported the issue to the Police in Wa and he was invited, he was told to get me my motorbike or face the law, Nyini agreed to get me a new Motorbike but pleaded for at Least 2 months grace period”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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