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Some Eyewitnesses have affirmed that a man who walking towards Dr. Hilla Technical University had his phone snatched by some young men on a motorbike around 7pm on Friday, 21st January 2023.

According to A Mechanic by name Mahmood Razak who spoke to Upper West Media Team, he stated that The Two men used a Blue Royal-125 Motorcycle on top speed to be able to snatched and take away the phone from the victim close to Wa Technical Institute.

The man reacted by shouting for Assistance but the men on motorbike took off on top speed towards the military barracks Stretch.
Speaking to Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng on the Development,he Indicated that they were yet to receive reports of such nature as at 12pm Today, January 2023. He Assured that the Police were on the grounds to ensure the low crime rate in the Region in Maintained.

It can be recalled that there were some regulations passed by the Outgone commander that no two young men should ride a motorbike after 7pm.

Upper West Police Command to ban riding of motorbike with pillion passenger at night

From Monday, August 23, persons riding motorbikes in the Upper West region cannot move with pillion passengers after 6:30 pm.

Tricycles will also be banned from operating at night. In addition, tricycle operators cannot pick additional passengers when there are already two occupants.

Again, riders attending to personal businesses cannot conclude that before taking passengers to their destination.

These form part of measures outlined by the Former Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri Anabugri at a press conference to help fight crime before he retired.

He noted that most crimes are committed using tricycles popularly referred to as “Mahama Camboo.”

He, therefore, stated that “No two young men shall be on a motorbike after 6:30pm. Security is very expensive. If you don’t take inconveniences, you can never get security.”

“Don’t pick a passenger and later tell him or her that you are passing here to pick something or somebody. It is not acceptable,” he also warned.



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