Mohamud Nayaru was arrested by the police few months ago

Market queens at the Wa Central Market have taken strong exception to the move by the Wa Municipal Assembly to remove private security operative, Nayaru from the market.

The Wa Municipal Assembly have given the security operative, Mr Mahammod Nayaru up to 30th June, 2022 to halt operations from the market.

But the market queens said they have no problem with Nayaru and his assigns as well as his operations at the market.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio, Hajia Auntie Mieri said ever since they engaged the services of Nayaru, incidences of theft and burglary in the market have declined significantly thus, his withdrawal would spell doom for stall owners and other traders.

She disclosed that they had wanted to embark on street protest against the move but for the plea of the Regional Police Command.

Hajia Fati Mahama Tofedaana expressed displeasure over the move saying that the Assembly has failed to ensure the security of the place warranting the sourcing of a private security operative.

She said the operative was sourced by the market users and duly regularized with the Police and the Assembly to protect the market.

She added that the then Municipal Chief Executive, Nuhu Putiaha had visited the market and approved of the operation.

The market queens explained that they have enjoyed peace of minds with the operations as they no longer need to ran or sit in rains to safeguard their shops.

They added that even when one leaves something behind and return to pick, the operative provides comprehensive security escort to ensure one’s safety.

A letter referenced AB394/394/61B/I69 and signed by Municipal Coordinating Director and Secretary of the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC), Pognaa Fati Koray, stated that “The Assembly’s attention has been drawn to your operation in the Wa market as a security company and subsequent reports of abuse on market women and other individuals who come into the market.”

The letter pointed to engagements with Mr Mahammod Nayaru by the Municipal Assembly through the Justice and Security subcommittee to register his security company in order that the Assembly could regularize his operations but he [Nayaru] did not make attempts to take the initiative.

“Based on the above and many others which you are aware of, I have been directed by the Municipal Security Council to inform you that, from 30th June, 2022, the Assembly would take charge of the security in the Wa Market and so you should prepare to move out of the market by the mentioned date.”

The Assembly also advised him to apply with “all relevant documentations to able us engage you as security in charge of the Wa market, if you are interested”.

Source: Info Radio

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