Mr. Tahiru Lukman, CEO of Ideapath Consult

The mere fact that we remained silent does not imply that there is nothing to complain about.

As a result of years of ineffective parliamentary representation, there are numerous issues.
Parliamentary representation is not a dynasty that can be sustained…we must be awakened and demand quality leadership.

There are numerous developmental issues facing the Municipality. These include youth unemployment, poor street lightening, corrupt practices in common fund disbursement, widening gap between the office of the mp and constituents and so on. If 20 years is insufficient to make a significant impact in the life of your constituents, l wonder what four years could do.

We are more divided as a people than ever before; political coloring has infiltrated our sentimental and divisive identity. We have minority groups plotting for dominants and majority groups vying for dominance, who will then seize a bull by the horns; the status quo will always prevail.

Young people become praise singers for bad leadership and “social media spies” to attack and vilify anyone who criticizes our MP’s ineffective performance.

Anyone can justify that experience comes from long service; we have seen amateur MPs in other constituencies raise the bar so high that one wonders what kind of MP we have.
My advice to the umbrella family is to unite in order to end this two decades of ineffective service to our people.

Complacency and disagreement should be a thing of the past. In politics, you either retire with dignity or be shown the exit, where your earned integrity will be thrown away.

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Tahiru Lukman [Prof]
Youth Activist and Development Consultant
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