The Municipal Assembly has embarked on an exercise to identify the causes of flooding in some communities in the municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Wa Alhaji Issahaku Tahiru Moomin with a team on technical team and officials from National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) visited two communities in Wa , Kumbiehi and Konta/ Napogbakole , some notable communities in Wa which experiecned severe flood during the last rainfall in the municipality.

Some affected residents of the recent flood in Konta/ Napogbakole community speaking to Info Radio blamed the flooding situation to poor siting of a Filling station on a water way.

According to residents, the siting of the fuel station near water ways compels moving waters to redirects their flows to thier homes, thereby causing flood.

The residents as therefore called on the assembly to compel the owner of the filling station ‘ Broni Petrosol’ to construct an effective drainage system that can contain rainwater that passes through the water ways.

Some affected residents of Kumbiehi community, speaking to Info Radio News Team also blamed the dumping of refuse into gutters and water ways as a major cause of thier flood situation.

The Wa Municipal Chief Executive Alhaji Issahaku Tahiru Moomin addressing the media regarding the recent flood in the Wa Municipality blamed the bad attitude of residents as one of the cause of floods in some parts in the municipality.

The municipal chief executive advised residents to desist from throwing refuse and plastics into water ways to minimize incidences of flood in the municipality.

The Wa MCE also disclosed that, the assembly will asses the various scenarios and come out with plans with engineers to minimize flooding the the municipality.

Source: Info Radio

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