Mr. Mumuni Sulemana also Known as Senior Abudi was Addressing Assembly Men

Managing Director of Senior Victory College, Mr. Mumuni Sulemana has referred to the Current Municipal Assembly as a building below the status of which it is addressed. He directed this submission to Assembly men he engaged at the Regional Library during his book launch challenging them to work devoid of political colors for the Assemblymen to be able to influence decisions.

He suggested the Assembly has bared a name that it doesn’t represent and this has brought challenges to the human resources who work in the Assembly.

He admitted the labour force in the Assembly is insufficient and work is not fast forward because there are no offices or space to contain certain materials and human resources.

Throwing more light Mr. Mumuni challenged that Authorities care less about the new assembly project abreast the Wa Senior High School which should have been completed for staff to relocate.

He challenged Assembly Men to fight for what is right and quizzed if there weren’t ashamed referring to the current assembly as their meeting ground.

Wa Municipal Assembly at Night

Mr. Mumuni Sulemana made this submission at his Book launch on 16th November 2019, this event took place at the Upper West regional Library where several dignitaries were present.

Checks by Upperwestmedia Team proves the lighting system around the Assembly is poor and per this making the place an abode for reptiles and a security threat zone.


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